Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

My House Is My Heaven

            Some people still don’t realize that the most beautiful place in the world is our house. Too many reasons for us to make our house become as beautiful place as heaven. These are some of the most popular reasons why people should impose such kind of that idiom.

            House is place where all of family members could be able to take a rest. Take a rest is defined as activities which will empower our energy, vision, spirit and motivations as well. We could use house for either gathering or sharing information with our beloved fellows in relax circumstances.

            In addition house is place where we spent most of time with family. I highly recommend to all of people who want to get success in career to spent most of the time with both wife and children. Many success people conceal that sparkling achievement is always come from our wife and children pray.

            Furthermore, house is starting point where success will begin. How are we going to perform in the office based on both family’s physic and psychological conditions. We will be able to devote our time for work effectively if we get smile from family members prior to go to the office.

            To sum up, house is a wonderful place where success is always started up. House is a place for taking a rest, spending most of the time with family and producing success as well. Nobody has perfect achievement in their live, as perfectness is belong to the Almighty GOD. However, we should have great passion to work toward as best achievement as we could.

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