Sabtu, 02 Agustus 2014

The Air Vulnerability at Conflict Area

                World history has changed tragically after the downing of MH 17 by separatism group which occupied eastern part of Ukraine. It was out of our mind that traditional ground to air missile could be able to reach the moveable object at 35000 feet high. This tremendous tragedy draws so many questions among us who usually use air craft as the main mode of transportation. There are some tips that might be use full for us to face this situation as part of preventive actions that we can do.
                The first tip is always checking the airlines route that you are going to go through. Even though such kind of airline will not take a risk flying in danger area, we have to double check it using web site information. If there are some options, pick out the safest route for you. The second tip is picking out direct flight rather than connecting flight to minimize risks at transiting air port. Some flight should be stopped at designated airport for either refueling or changing airplane for the next route. Please, make sure the airport location is not in vicinity of conflicted area. The last but not least, the International civil aviation organization should issue the newest regulation for encountering new challenging threat in recent days by positively control of the air

                In conclusion, International threats always develop day by day without giving information exactly what those are going to be. It should increase our situational awareness by updating information regularly. Back to our human instinct, that human being was created to survive among other creatures in the world.